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I an ex member of both 7 and 8 Squadron's of the Rhodesian war spending most of my operational time on Seven Squadron as a K Car gunner. I was credited for shooting down a fixed wing aircraft from a K Car on the 9 August 1979. This blog is from articles for research on a book which I HAVE HANDED THIS MANUSCRIPT OVER TO MIMI CAWOOD WHO WILL BE HANDLING THE PUBLICATION OF THE BOOK OF WHICH THERE WILL BE VERY LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE Contact her on yebomimi@gmail.com The latest news is that the Editing is now done and we can expect to start sales and deliveries by the end of April 2011

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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Paradak in Fireforce operations

This is a sequence of events in a typical Fireforce call out when there was a requirement for the Para dak to be used. The Paras would be normally dropped from a height of 300 feet and it was not unusual for the same Paras to be uplifted from one contact to be kitted out and flown into another during the same day. An extra two or three Paras would be dropped into the contact area to recover parachutes used in the drops and it was not unusual for them to run into terrorists snivelling away from the contact area and have thier own contact.
While downloading the pictures I can still recall the tension and hole in my stomach feeling together with the rush of adrenalin when the call-out hooter went off and I saw the Paras kitting up as I ran over to my K Car Gunship.................................

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