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Thursday, July 9, 2009

1972 Rhodesia tossed out of Oylimpic games

1972: Rhodesia out of Olympics
Rhodesia has been thrown out of the Olympic Games with just four days to go before the opening ceremony in Munich, Germany.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted by 36 to 31 with three abstentions to recommend Rhodesia's expulsion in the face of mounting international pressure.

Two days ago the National Olympic Committees of Africa threatened to pull out of the games unless Rhodesia was barred from competing.

The African nations were demanding Rhodesia's expulsion on the grounds the country was an illegal regime and members of its team were not therefore British subjects.

The political pressures in sport are becoming intolerable

IOC President Avery Brundage

Seven years ago Ian Smith declared Rhodesia's independence from Britain and then in March 1970 he announced the country was a republic - breaking its last link with the crown and ending any hopes of black majority rule.

The IOC issued Rhodesia's invitation to the West German games on certain conditions, which included appearing under their old colonial flag.

In a bid to appease the IOC, the Rhodesian team did arrive in West Germany with the Southern Rhodesian flag - made up of a Union Jack and a coat of arms on a blue background - and stood to attention when the national anthem, God Save the Queen, was played.

But comments by the Rhodesian team manager, Ossie Plaskitt, when the team arrived in Munich did little to smooth over the disagreement.

He was quoted as saying : "We are ready to participate under any flag, be it the flag of the boy scouts or the Moscow flag. But everyone knows very well that we are Rhodesians and will always remain Rhodesians."

The decision is a blow for the retiring IOC president, Avery Brundage, who had argued for Rhodesia's inclusion in the games.

He told reporters he was "shocked and surprised" by the decision. He continued: "The political pressures in sport are becoming intolerable."

Many of the Rhodesian athletes were in tears when they heard the news.

The 44-strong team of black and white Rhodesians will, however, be allowed to stay in Munich to watch the games.

In the Rhodesian capital, Salisbury, sports officials said the decision was a disgrace. A spokesman for the prime minister said there was "no doubt that the Olympics are in the hands of the politicians".

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