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Saturday, July 5, 2008

THE CHIMURENGA CONTINUES the old and the new assault on white farmers

Mugabe's mission to eradicate Zimbabwe of white farmers known to the racist Mugabe thugs as mlungu,mabunu or boers has not changed from the days of the bush war.

Mike Campbell aged 75 and his wife Angela were were abducted by a gang of Zanu-PF supporters and savagely beaten and tortured by the Zanu thugs for several hours
Mike is the lead plaintiff out of a group of 77 farmers are suing Robert Mugabe at the regional Southern African Development Community tribunal in the Namibia, seeking to have Zimbabwe's seizures of white-owned land declared illegal.
The proceedings, known as Campbell v Mugabe, are a clear challenge to Robert Mugabe.
Ben Freeth, their son in law, was also beaten with rifle butts. He has a badly swollen and totally closed eye. His feet were severely beaten. Beating people on the soles of their feet is a form of torture that is widespread in Zimbabwe and is known as “falanga”. Falanga can leave a victim permanently unable to walk normally.

"It just makes me want to go more," he said defiantly in his hospital bed in Harare, where he is being treated for concussion, a broken collarbone, and broken fingers.
"I know that our case is a thorn in the government's flesh. It's an embarrassment to the president. Anything that's an embarrassment to the president pleases me greatly.
"What option have we got? We can choose two ways of handling it, either run away or you stick it out. I think we have got to the stage where we are very close to the turning point on the sticking it out bit."
Campbell, arrived in Zimbabwe 34 years ago from South Africa, where an ancestor of his, a captain in the Dutch East Indies Company settled in 1713, described the country's decline as "such a tragedy".
"Mugabe has used his position to remain in power in a racialist way," he said. "Mugabe keeps on playing this race card, he knows it's a good one. He wasn't like that at the beginning. There are some good guys in Zanu-PF but they have been horribly misled.
"He has turned the whole thing around and turned them into a bunch of thugs."
Mr Campbell has no memory of the assault, but Mr Freeth, 38, described how when the three were dumped tied up on the ground at a militia camp, there were "probably 50 or 60 people all singing Chimurenga songs and kicking us", referring to the war against Ian Smith's regime.
Over and over again, they were told they would be killed. "They seemed to be pretty serious about it," he said. "I was thinking, 'well if they are going to kill me then we all have to die at some stage. I know where I'm going, I'm a child of God and Jesus by His blood has saved me, so I will be with Him today'. So I wasn't actually fearful, the fear was taken out of me, amazingly.
"We just carried on praying though this whole thing. When they didn't kill me in some ways it was quite a relief, I have got three young children and a wife to look after."
Nonetheless he has a seriously injured eye, bruising, and a large bandage around his head is testament to the severe concussion he suffered.
As they were driven away from the camp, the gang demanded that Mr Campbell sign a declaration he was abandoning the SADC tribunal case, he added. "His fingers were broken so he couldn't do anything so they got my mother-in-law to sign a thing withdrawing the case," he said.
"They said if she did it then they wouldn't kill us, so under extreme duress she signed it."
But he too will continue with the case. "We're obviously concerned about what's happened but we feel it's important to try and bring law and order back into Zimbabwe," he said.
"As Zimbabweans all we want to do is be able to live in peace, it doesn't matter who we are, whether white farmers, black farmers, people in town, we all just want to be able to live in peace. What's happening at the moment is not peaceful."The motivation for the attack is tied to the farmers’ engagement in a SADC tribunal challenging the Zanu PF regime’s efforts to compulsorily take their farms.
Mike and Ben are the architects and at the forefront of the SADC Tribunal litigation. Fourteen farmers in the Kadoma/Chegutu farming community spearheaded the joinder applications with the Campbell Mount Carmel case in SADC.
They were viciously beaten and tortured until they agreed, under extreme duress, to sign a formal withdrawal of the Campbell Case from the SADC Tribunal.
The case is due to be heard in Windhoek from 16th July onwards.
We are so grateful the Campbells are alive and have been found. It must be kept in mind that thousands of Zimbabweans have been abducted and their whereabouts and their safety is still unknown

Once again the rest of the world stand as casual onlookers -no one has the balls to take Mugabe on?

Clearly Britain the EU and the United States are toothless giants, Mugabe has them bent over on their knees.(in submission?)

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