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I an ex member of both 7 and 8 Squadron's of the Rhodesian war spending most of my operational time on Seven Squadron as a K Car gunner. I was credited for shooting down a fixed wing aircraft from a K Car on the 9 August 1979. This blog is from articles for research on a book which I HAVE HANDED THIS MANUSCRIPT OVER TO MIMI CAWOOD WHO WILL BE HANDLING THE PUBLICATION OF THE BOOK OF WHICH THERE WILL BE VERY LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE Contact her on yebomimi@gmail.com The latest news is that the Editing is now done and we can expect to start sales and deliveries by the end of April 2011

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Alan Shaw and Reg Brandt at a dip tank with "Tame Gooks" from PFUMO RE VHANU.
Alan and Reg were working for the Rhodesian Veterinary Department at the time, Alan was the Senior Animal Health Inspector for Victoria Province and Reg was the Chief AHI for the Province where they worked tirelessley under very dangerous circumstances in the South East of Rhodesia ensuring the well being of livestock in the Province. They would often travel alone in the Tribal Trust Lands with absolutley no escorts or back up.
They were friends for life and spent some of thier retirement together at Mopani Bay near Kariba. True blue Rhodies !!!
Mike Clark (who was also with Alan and Reg) has kindly written a brief of "Alan's story" which is to be published in my book as my father played a huge part in my life in Rhodesia.

This reference is to my father Alan Shaw:-

I have been reading bits of your book, and it looks good, I find it close to home, It triggered memories, I remember some of the names and remember the smell of the war on people, something I had forgotten. The names of the troopies who died and the funerals I went to. I remember the smell of Pa's Landy, do you remember the big bright green balaclava he used to wear when he drove it in winter, the dash was covered in Kensington smokes and his SLR that he loved poking out of the door. What about those green safari suits long socks and brown shoes (One of the few Rhodies who hated Vellies) That would make a great drawing hey! I have a pic of him and Reg not sure if I sent it to u Cheers Grant

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