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Sunday, August 17, 2008


This extract from African Crisis was sent to me by e mail in answer to my Crossroads post
SA & Rhodesia: The Lesson of our Greatest Leaders & the Greatest Leaders of the West

There is one lesson one must never forget about the greatest leaders in our part of the world, be they PW Botha, Ian Smith, Dr Hendrik Verwoed or Paul Kruger or General De La Rey. The lesson is: STAND YOUR GROUND IN THE FACE OF ALL ODDS.

This is what made the Western world great when it rose to greatness thousands of years ago.

The greatest leaders of the Western world, always showed that men must stand their ground. From Winston Churchill to Napoleon Bonaparte.

From Julius Caesar to Robert E. Lee - you find a common thread. The thread is that of a man, who believes in something and he stands up for it - even if it kills him.

Take the South in the American Civil War. I was reading the Harry Schultz letter (Harry Schultz is the world's highest paid investment consultant). Harry Schultz reminded people in the September 2007 issue that the South was actually RIGHT! The South did have the legal right to secede from the USA. Its that simple. The South was right. For geo-strategic purposes however, Abraham Lincoln decided to keep the USA together BY FORCE.

Strictly speaking - Robert E. Lee, fought on the correct side. Americans these days declare themselves to be a people "Governed by Laws" - true, EXCEPT FOR THE CIVIL WAR!! Then those Laws were thrown aside.

People chide Ian Smith and what he did, by rebelling against Britain. Well, that is exactly what the USA did in 1776 and got away with - because they won.

Just because you LOSE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WERE WRONG! The principles at stake may be WELL WORTH FIGHTING FUTURE WARS OVER!! Never forget that.

The same is true of Afrikaner Self-Determination. So, Afrikaners fought and won some, like the First Boer War. Then they lost some - the Second Boer war. But maybe a Third or even a Fourth Boer war will have to be fought for Self-Determination.

Is the Rhodesian Bush war the last war Rhodesians will ever fight? I hope not! I hope that Rhodesians will join Afrikaners and that we will one day again fight future wars until finally we get what we wanted - OUR OWN COUNTRY THAT WE CAN RULE - free of the ANC, free of Mugabe, etc.

There is no end to history. If you have the spirit and the will, you can make it again. It took the Jews 2,000 years to return to Israel. There is absolutely no reason why in 200 years or much less, we can't have our own piece of turf in Africa.

Each generation must take up the flag, and make its stand, until finally, a future generation gets to WIN!

Rest assured - NOBODY WILL GIVE IT TO US! We'll have to fight for it. There is no other way. Jan.

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