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I an ex member of both 7 and 8 Squadron's of the Rhodesian war spending most of my operational time on Seven Squadron as a K Car gunner. I was credited for shooting down a fixed wing aircraft from a K Car on the 9 August 1979. This blog is from articles for research on a book which I HAVE HANDED THIS MANUSCRIPT OVER TO MIMI CAWOOD WHO WILL BE HANDLING THE PUBLICATION OF THE BOOK OF WHICH THERE WILL BE VERY LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE Contact her on yebomimi@gmail.com The latest news is that the Editing is now done and we can expect to start sales and deliveries by the end of April 2011

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

7 Squadron Competition 1979

A photograph by Adrian Rosenberg of a Seven Squadron Alouette 3 carrying out a log placing cargo swing excersise during the 7 Squadron competition in 1979 Note the Bell 205 in the distance and an Alouette 2 parked on the grass.
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  1. Did you fly in the Huey's Mr. Shaw? How did they compare with your experience in the Alouette's? Did Rhodesia ever attempt to turn any of the Huey's into Gunships? (Like the Americans did with them in Vietnam?)

    I've often wondered how the war would have turned out if Rhodesia would have gotten the T-6 Trojans that they ordered and a couple of dozen Huey's (and had Portugal ceded the Beira corridor of Mocambique to Rhodesia when they pulled out of Africa).

  2. I never flew with the Bell 205s as I preferred to be on Helicopter gunships -the roles of the 205 or Cheetahs from 8 Squadron was long range external operations.
    No the Rhodesians never attempted to convert the Cheetahs into gunships. I think they would have been too noisy on approach.
    I did work in Rhodesia with a SAAF contingent of Pumas and they did make a huge difference.
    The Beira corridor would have been blocked by Britain and America and probably also the Russians.

  3. Roger that Mr. Shaw. Thank you.


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