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Monday, July 28, 2008

U N RESOLUTION 590 -1977

above -G Cars taking off from Lake Alexander for raid into Mocambique


CM/Res. 590 (XXIX) 1977


Having considered the report of the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of Mozambique on the recent invasion of Mozambique and continuous incursions by the rebel regime of Ian Smith,
Recalling the Mauritius Resolution AHG/Res. 86 of the Assembly of Head of State and Government which inter-alia:
a) Declares that any attack by the racist regime on any front-line states shall be considered as an attack against the whole of independent Africa,
b) Decides that in the event of such an attack member states of the OAU will grant all possible support to repel the aggression against an independent member state,
Recalling the relevant OAU Resolutions on Southern Rhodesia,
Recalling further UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions calling on UN member states to apply strictly economic, political and other sanctions against Southern Rhodesia with a view to ending racism and rebellion in the territory,
Recalling the decision of the Government of Mozambique of 3 March 1976 to close its borders with Southern Rhodesia and strictly apply sanctions against Southern Rhodesia in conformity with UN and OAU Resolutions aimed at toppling the illegal rebel regime in Salisbury,
Indignant at the provocative and arrogant attitude of the rebel regime in attacking member states of the OAU neighbouring on Southern Rhodesia, namely Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia in a desperate effort to cow them from supporting the legitimate liberation cause on the territory,
Expressing appreciation for Mozambique’s courage in repelling the forces of aggression of the illegal racist regime of Southern Rhodesia,
Noting with satisfaction the stepped up execution of the national liberation war in Zimbabwe and the support rendered to the nationalist forces by the front-line states who have had to make unlimited sacrifices towards this cause,
Reiterating the firm commitment of the OAU to the liberation of the people of Southern Rhodesia from the illegal minority rebel regime, the establishment of majority rule and exercise of the right to self-determination by the people of Zimbabwe.

1. STRONGLY CONDEMNS rebel Rhodesia’s naked war of aggression against Mozambique backed by artillery and aircraft and the subsequent massacres of hundreds of innocent civilians;

2. CONDEMNS South Africa for collusion in the rebel regime’s invasion of Mozambique;

3. CONGRATULATES the people of Mozambique for their undaunted courage in repelling the forces of aggression and their unwavering commitment to the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe;

4. COMMENDS the Zimbabwe liberation movements for stepping up the liberation war in their country thus causing panic in the ranks of the rebel regime;

5. REAFFIRMS the OAU’s total support for and solidarity with the Government and people of Mozambique in their unshakable resolve to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity and carrying out their African and international obligations, in support of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe;

6. URGES all OAU member states in the spirit of the OAU Mauritius Resolution AHG/Res. 80 (XIII) to provide the people of Mozambique with effective assistance particularly that geared to strengthening her defence capabilities;

7. REITERATES the unqualified commitment of the OAU in its determination to step up its material and financial assistance to the freedom fighters of Zimbabwe to enable them to vigorously execute the armed struggle which is the only option left in the liberation of Zimbabwe in the colonialist and racist regime of Southern Rhodesia determined to suppress the majority of the people of Zimbabwe and to harass those countries opposed to racist minority rule in Southern Africa;

8. INVITES member states of the OAU to assist front-line states’ victims of aggression by the racist minority regimes by committing themselves to come to the aid of those countries whenever they are attacked or threatened by the racist regimes of Southern Africa;

9. APPEALS to all member states of the UN and indeed all governments and organisations to give immediate and substantial practical assistance to enable the Government of Mozambique to meet the challenges arising out of systematic acts of aggression committed against her through the invasion and threats to its national sovereignty and territorial integrity;

10. CALLS UPON the Security Council to take effective measures particularly those provided for under Chapter VII of the UN Charter in order to bring to a speedy end to the prevailing situation in Zimbabwe which is the source of instability and insecurity, and which constitutes a serious threat to international peace and security;

11. FURTHER CALLS upon the Security Council to adopt measures facilitating prompt and effective assistance by the international community to the People’s Republic of Mozambique in order to enable it to strengthen its defence capabilities, as well as overcome the tremendous material loss incurred as a result of the series of aggression and devastation committed by the illegal racist minority regime;

12. MANDATES the following countries: Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Tanzania and Lesotho to assist Mozambique along with the African group during the consideration of the matter at the forthcoming meeting of the Security Council of the UN;

13. REQUESTS the Administrative Secretary-General of the OAU to convene, as soon as possible, a meeting of the Defence Commission with a view to recommending the appropriate measures for the settlement of the important question of repeated aggression of Ian Smith’s administration against front-line countries in particular and all victims of such aggression in general;

14. DECIDES on the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee composed of Algeria, Cameroon, Liberia, Chad, Guinea Bissau, Egypt, Lesotho, Uganda, Mauritius, which shall recommend all forms of appropriate assistance to Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia.

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