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I an ex member of both 7 and 8 Squadron's of the Rhodesian war spending most of my operational time on Seven Squadron as a K Car gunner. I was credited for shooting down a fixed wing aircraft from a K Car on the 9 August 1979. This blog is from articles for research on a book which I HAVE HANDED THIS MANUSCRIPT OVER TO MIMI CAWOOD WHO WILL BE HANDLING THE PUBLICATION OF THE BOOK OF WHICH THERE WILL BE VERY LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE Contact her on yebomimi@gmail.com The latest news is that the Editing is now done and we can expect to start sales and deliveries by the end of April 2011

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


In memory of those Airmen who were killed from 1970-1980
Alouette III R5117 New Sarum
Sqn Ldr G. E. Nettleton (killed)
Flt Lt M. R. Hill (killed)

Alouette III R7506 Rushinga area
Flt Lt V. B. W. Cook
Sgt K. Smithdorff

28.10.70 Hunter FGA9R1823
Bulowayo airport Flame-out broken fuel pipe
Air Lt A. R. Bruce

04.11.70 Alouette III R5074
Charara Camp
Air Lt B. A. Roberts
Flt Lt G. W. Wrigley
WO2 C. Tapping

16.11.71 Canberra B2 R2510
New Sarum
Aircraft shed wing
Flt Lt A. G. Roughhead (killed)
Air Lt G. N. Robertson (killed)

17.10.72 Alouette III R5077 Gwelo area
Disorientation in rain at night
Air Lt G. Munton-Jackson (killed)
Flt Sgt P. J. Gardener (killed)

04.08.72 Vampire T11 R4222 Thornhill
Engine failure after take off
Air Sub Lt D. D. Brown (killed)

15.02.73 Alouette III R7500 Rushinga
Aircraft hit tree
Air Lt J. E. Smart (killed)
Sgt K. Smithdorff (killed)

04.09.73 Vampire T11 R4219 Near Selukwe
Air Sub Lt P. M. Bate

19.11.73 Alouette III R5087 Near Mt Darwin
Aircraft hit telephone wires
Sqn Ldr E. R. Wilkinson
Flt Sgt D. Woods
Sgt W. Huck (Army)

04.04.74 Canberra B2 R2156 Near Musengedzi
Bombs expolded in bomb bay
Air Sub Lt K. W. Goddard (killed)
Air Sub Lt W. R. Airey (killed)

14.04.74 Trojan R3244 Mozambique
Aircraft hit by SAM7
Flt Lt B. C. Weinman (killed)
SAC R. R. Durrett (killed)

20.04.74 Trojan R3427 Mozambique
Aircraft hit by SAM7
Air Sub Lt R. J. Wilson (killed)
Flt Sgt R. S. Andrews (killed)

14.08.74 Alouette III Madziwa (SAP)
Aircraft hit by RPG on the ground
Lt H. Houghton
A/Sgt R. H. Wernich
Maj. E. C. Adams (killed)

16.08.74 Provost R6308
Aircraft struck ditch on runway
Flt lt S. Baldwin
Off Cdt J. C. Phillips

17.12.74 Trojan R4326 Mushumbi Pools
Aircraft struck vehicle at night
Air Lt. B. Murdock (killed)
Cpl T. M. Perker (killed)
L/Cpl R. J. Povey (killed)

21.02.75 Dakota R7307 Rushinga
Aircraft ground looped after brake failure
Flt Lt E. H. Paintin
Flt Lt F. Wingrove (VR)
Sgt J. Mitchell

30.06.75 Vampire T11 R4223 Gwelo area
Off Cdt B. M. Delport (killed)

19.06.75 Provost R6309 Gwelo area. No 2 in Tailchase. Crashed, reason uncertain.
Air Sub Lt R. J. Boulter (killed)

Alouette III R5697 Umtali area
Aircraft hit overhead wires
2 Lt van Rensberg
Sgt P. van Rensberg (killed)
Maj Gen J. R. Shaw (killed)
Col D. G. Parker (killed)
Capt I. A. B. Robertson (killed)
Capt M. J. Lamb (killed)

16.02.76 Cessna 185 R116 Umtali area
Aircraft took off overweight
2 Lt Stroebel
Sqn Ldr G. A. Routledge (killed)

20.04.76 Trojan R3425 Motoko area
Engine failure at night
Air Lt I. Sheffield

10.06.76 Hunter R1280 Near Thornhill
Bullet severed hydrauklic line
Flt Lt. T. M. Thomas

18.07.76 Alouette III Tech killed by ground fire
Flt Lt M. Borlace
Sgt J. P. Graham (killed)

25.07.76 Alouette III R5076 Near Rutenga
Aircraft hit trees
Flt Lt M. Borlace
Sgt Graydon

01.09.76 Alouette III Tech killed by ground fire
Flt Lt I. M. Harvey
Sgt H. F. Belstead (killed)

02.09.76 Lynx R3413 NE Mozambuque Border
Aircraft hit by ground fire
Air Lt. H. W. H. Stevens (killed)

19.10.76 Alouette III R5723 Fort Victoria area
Tail rotor failure
Flt Lt M. Borlace
Sgt Davel

21.10.76 Vampire R1833 QueQue area
Flt Lt R. R. Hulley (killed)

Beech Baron R7310 Buffalo Range Undercarriage collapse
Flt Lt M. J. Russell

22.12.76 Alouette III R7524 Malapati area
Flt Lt V. B. W. Cook
Cpl F. Bellringer

06.01.77 Dakota D7034 Buffalo Range area
Aircraft flew into overhead wire
Sqn Ldr P. A. Barnett (killed)
Flt Lt D. E. Mallett (killed)
Cpl A. Bradley (army)(killed)

12.01.77 Canberra B2 R2514 Malvernia area Bomb bay hit by ground fire
Flt Lt I. H. Donaldson (killed)
Air Sub Lt D. Hawkes (killed)
Capt R.S.S. Warracker (army) (killed)

13.01.77 Vampire T11 R1318 Gwelo areaEngine failure
Air Sub Lt N. Lamb

14.03.77 Lynx R4311 Motoko area Aircraft crashed on take off at night
Air Lt J. Kidson
Lt Col B. Robinson (Army)

17.03.77 Alouette III R5172 Mrewa area Aircraft hit wires
Flt Lt M. Mulligan
Cpl Fletcher

04.05.77 Lynx R4306 Umtali area Aircraft flew into rising ground
Air Sub Lt R.H. Griffiths
AC C.W.D. Brown (killed)

17.05.77 Alouette III R5725 Aircraft hit by ground fire
Flt Lt R. J. Watt
SAC R.G. Nelson (killed)

31.05.77 Dakota R3702 Mapai area Aircraft hit by RPG on take off
Flt Lt B. Collocott (killed)
Flt Lt. G. Lynch

23.08.77 Alouette III R5713 East Grand Reef area Aircraft hit by ground fire
Flt Lt G. A. Oborne
Sgt Robinson

02.09.77 Lynx R3042 Umtali area Aircraft flew into ground
Air Lt D. L. du Plessis (killed)
Sgt J. S. Underwood (killed)

10.10.77 Alouette III R5176
Air Lt. I. Peacock
SAC Watt

23.11.77 Vampire R1386 Motoko Area Hit by ground fire.
Air Lt. P. W. Haigh (killed)

12.01.7 Alouette III R5757 Mtoko Area. Hit by ground fire
Flt Lt Maasdorp
Flt Sgt H. A. J. Jarvie (killed)

12.01.78 Alouette III R5701 Mtoko Area. Hit by ground fire.
Air Lt Goatley
Flt Sgt A. I. Fleming (killed)

15.02.78 Islander R3718 Dorowa Airfield. Failed to take off
Flt Lt. B. van Huysteen

28.07.78 Alouette III R5177 Chioco area. Hit by RPG 7
Air Lt. G. H. F. du Toit (killed)
Sgt K. P. Nelson (killed)

22.08.78 Alouette III R5773 Bindura area. Hit by ground fire
Flt Lt G. A. Osborne
Sgt B. Booth

20.10.78 Alouette III R7531 Zambia. Hit by cannon fire.
Air Sub Lt. M. Dawson
Sgt R. Oelofse

07.12.78 Vampire R8034

04.01.79 Alouette III R5170 Selukwe area. Mid air collision
Flt Lt. K. J.Fynn (killed)
Cpl A. H. W. Turner (killed)
Capt. D. Havnar (killed)

04.01.79 Alouette III R5701 Selukwe area. Mid air collision
Flt Lt R. Bolton
Cpl B. N. Cutmore (killed)

09.02.79 Bell 205 R6807 Melsetter. Tail rotor drive failure
Air Lt. B. Cockcroft, Keiron Meakin

03.09.79 Bell 205 R6098 Mozambique Hit by RPG 7
Flt Lt R. Paxton
AC A. J. C. Wesson (killed)

04.09.7 SA330 SAAF 164 Mozambique. Hit by RPG 7
3 crew & 12 pax killed

26.09.79 Alouette III R5705 Umtali Area. Hit power lines
Flt Lt. P. M. Bate (killed)
Sgt G. R. Carter (killed)
Major B. Snelgar(killed)

03.10.79 Canberra B2 R5203 Mozambique. Hit by Ground fire.
Flt Lt. K. Pienke (killed)
Flt Lt. J. J. Strydom (killed)

03.10.79 Hunter R1821 Mozambique. Flew into target
Air Lt B.Gordon (killed)

Alouette III R5723 Hit by ground fire.
Air Sub Lt. Middleton
Sgt J. Dent

25.11.79 Genet R9092 Gwelo. Fuel starvation.
Wg Cdr H. C. S. Slatter

11.12.79 Bell 205 R6805 Tail rotor failure
Flt Lt R. Skinner

23 12.79 Genet R6330 Todd's Motel. Crashed on convoy patrol.
Air Sub Lt S. Tickle

25.12.79 Alouette III R5876 Mt Darwin area
Flt Lt A. J. Senekal (killed)

17.01.80 Bell 205 R6084 Heavy landing. Trooping
Flt Lt M. Vernon

Some Statistics:
Mishaps by type
Number of Mishaps

Alouette III

Bell 205











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